The adorable litter mates were found in a local community, and when people saw that the kittens were a bit different, they worried that they might not fare well living outdoors without full use of all their legs. Community cats (aka stray cats) and kittens can live safely outdoors if they are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and have a caregiver looking after them, but Cahill and Cordell may not have been OK living outdoors, because they couldn’t get around as well as other kittens. Also, they were only about two months old at the time, and no one knew whether they’d be able to walk properly as they grew.

While Cahill has one back leg that is short and crooked, her other three legs are normal. But her brother’s birth defects are a little more pronounced, making it harder for him to get around. Both Cordell’s front legs are malformed, so he uses his elbow to move about, and one of his back legs didn’t form correctly either, so his paw is upside down.

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